Synopses (Tamil Language)



  • By Nihal Sri Ameresekere
  • Published: May, 2017
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 300
  • Size: 8.25×11
  • ISBN: 9781524681470
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Synopses (Tamil Language)

These synopses have been very well compiled for lay persons to apprise themselves of the facts disclosed in the series of voluminous books by the author, which lay persons may not have the time or the inclination to delve into. These synopses bear out very lucidly facts supported by adduced documentations and might create a desire among the readers, in fact, to study the detailed larger volumes of the relevant books in this series by the author where controversial matters had been exposed that ordinary people will fear to do so. This is a yeomen service to society performed by the author as a meritorious act and deed that should result in arresting the alarming trend exposed in this series, thus making our society a better place to live in. I commend these synopses to be read by all to comprehend the prevalent contemporary sociopolitical realities and have the guts to expose and eradicate the cancer that has crept into society by the doings of a few.

This Book consists of short Synopses in the Tamil Language of each of the 14 Books in the series by the Author set out below, on researched real case studies and contemporary realities on Fraud & Corruption, Economic Crime, Public Finance, Governance & Rule of Law.

These Synopses are in simple reader friendly short story formats compiled for the benefit of the general reading public, in whose very interest this series of Books by the Author had been compiled, incisively dealing with the subjects given above.

These Synopses have been compiled, since the Author’s series of 14 Books are very voluminous, with supporting documentations and complexities, catering to those specializing in academic and professional studies and practice in forensic investigation and prosecution of fraud, corruption and economic crime, and ensuring good governance, sound public finance and the rule of law.

The Author highlights the socio-political realities and that the root cause for abject human poverty, is the pillage and plunder, by a socio-politically powerful and insatiably greedy few, of the very resources, which rightfully and lawfully belong to the vast majority of the people.

Author postulates that this only has led to the widespread abject poverty globally, and even justifiable rebellions, causing the violation of human rights, denying the impoverished many of the basic needs for their very livelihoods, of food, shelter, clothing, medication, education, et al; and the consequential pathetic plight of humanity as a result of rebellions, and the efforts by those socio-politically powerful, seeking to quell such rebellions, ironically utilizing the very resources, which belong to such vast impoverished majority of the people.

1. IMF, World Bank & ADB Agenda on Privatisation – Vol. 1 : Pillage of the Plantations in Sri Lanka

2. Colombo Hilton Hotel Construction – Fraud on Sri Lanka Government – Vol. 1 – Sri Lanka’s First Derivative Action in Law  

3. IMF, World Bank & ADB Agenda on Privatisation – Vol. 3: Colombo Port Bunkering Privatisation – Annulled as Illegal & Fraudulent by Supreme Court

4. “Derivative/Hedging” Deals by Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank, with Sri Lanka Government’s Petroleum Corporation  -Dubious & Illegal ?

5. IMF, World Bank & ADB Agenda on Privatisation – Vol. 4: Sri Lanka Insurance Privatisation – Annulled as Unlawful & Illegal by Supreme Court

6. Transparency & Public Accountability Fiscal Mismanagement & Lack of Public Accountability Case Study – Sri Lanka, a Country under the purview of IMF, World Bank, ADB

7. United Nations Convention Against Corruption – to Combat Fraud & Corruption – a Cancerous Menace – with Mere Rhetoric Subverts UN Convention

8. Colombo Hilton Hotel Construction – Fraud on Sri Lanka Government  – Vol. 2 – Criminality Exposed, but Perversely Covered-up  

9. IMF, World Bank & ADB Agenda on Privatisation – Vol. 2:’Dubious Deals’ in Sri Lanka – What a Paradox

10. Colombo Hilton Hotel Construction – Fraud on Sri Lanka Government Vol. 3 – Settlement of a Fraud

11. Socio-Political Realities – Hilton Hotel Fiasco & Ad hominem Legislation – Expropriation Law

12. Overseas Corporate Structures, Which hide ‘Real Owners’ – Foreign Business Empire of a Sri Lankan Entrepreneur ?

13. Politics, Justice & the ‘Rule of Law’

14. “Derivative/Hedging” Deals – Volume II – by Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank, with Sri Lanka Government’s Petroleum Corporation  – Dubious & Illegal ?